What is Rolfing©? 

Rolfing is a form of bodywork which creates more ease by structurally integrating and balancing the body to be more effective in the Earth's gravity. Neil and each client begin with a dialogue to bring to light the client's physical concerns and history.  An evaluation includes an analysis of the body's underlying patterns in stillness and movement.  When restrictive patterns are identified, the appropriate connective tissue (notably the myofascial tissue) is released throughout the body, usually in a series of ten sessions.  However, Neil works with each client assessing specific needs, and together they decide on a plan of aciton, which may entail one or more sessions.  A very high percentage of Neil's clients achieve excellent results.  They are helped to sustain their newly-found sense of well being by becoming increasingly aware of their unskillful habits as they learn to develop more effective movement patterns.  Clients are encouraged to return for tune-ups as needed.

Who Can Benefit From Rolfing©?

Everyone!  People of all ages are Rolfed for a variety of reasons.  Many seek Rolfing to alleviate chronic pain.  Others want to improve their posture, but Rolfing can also be used to enhance athletic performance or to create a sense of vitality.

- Benefits of Rolfing©
- Improves alignment, posture, and shape
- Improves balance
- Relief from chronic pain
- More freedom and ease in breathing
- Increases ability to release tension
- Reduces muscular strain and fatigue
- Positive effects on nervous system
- Increases range of motion
- Increases awareness of more effective movement
- Enhances ability to relax
- Increases vitality 

Is Rolfing© Painful?

Neil is aware that the client's ability to release is crucial to the overall effectiveness of the work.  If clients are in too much pain, they cannot effectively let go.  Clients are strongly encouraged to communicate clearly, so that their pain does not rise above a comfortable level that prevents them from relaxing.  Neil communicates with each client to discover the optimal level of intensity.  The work can be very gentle and simultaneously very deep, depending upon the specific needs of the client.

Client Comments

Nearly 30 years ago I sustained a neck injury.  My neck and shoulders became increasingly stiff, and I experienced several headaches a week.  I went to Neil for a 10 session Rolfing treatment.  Almost immediately, I could feel release of the tension and discomfort in my back, neck and shoulders.  By the end of the sessions there was a noticeable change.  I was able to keep my vertebrae in near proper alignment most of the time, hold my body in a more balanced posture, and release muscle tension myself---all resulting in the near elimination of my headaches!!

- Vicki

Neil is not currently taking new clients.

Existing clients, please call Neil directly to schedule:

(302) 598-9612

Sessions are 60 to 90 minutes 
$110 per session