Vinyasa & Intermediate yoga

Beginners are welcome to start yoga at The Awareness Center at any time.  Two options are available:

1) Take one of our 5- week Yoga Fundamentals Series. Click here for more information, including schedule.

2) Join any of our "All-Levels" Classes.

T'ai chi

Vinyasa, "vi" to place, "nyasa" in a special way.  Vinyasa is a fluid style of yoga where the breath, the asana, and the movement between asanas are all connected.  Class ends with deep stretching and relaxation.  Modifications and props are demonstrated and are available to accomodate a variety of practitioners.  Students should have some yoga experience.

Ashtanga-Influenced Vinyasa- Ashtanga Yoga is the foundation for the modern vinyasa practice. We will explore the Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series (usually finishing with navasana) in a safe and supportive environment using modifications and props. 
As students familiarize themselves with the order of the poses, some students begin practicing without the lead of the teacher for a portion of the class- moving to the rhythm of their own breath. Safe alignment is emphasized.
Class concludes with relaxing passive poses, pranayama, and of course, savasana.

Slow Flow Vinyasa will include the familliar sequence of centering, warm up, standing, balance, backbend, twist and core poses.  Emphasis is on utilizing breath with each movement to allow for an energetic flow.  This class will proceed at a gentler pace than our other Vinyasa classes. 

​Iyengar-Influenced, Intermediate Yoga with Michael
These classes are for continuing students who want a more physically vigorous practice.  New variations on inversions and arm balances may be taught.  Students should be able to safely guide themselves into basic yoga postures with good alignment before attending an Intermediate class.

Hatha Yoga with Neil & Amala- hatha yoga is simply the physical practice of yoga.  These well rounded classes will include seated and standing poses and an emphasis on the breath. 

Iyengar Influenced Yoga, All-Levels with Michael Fahey  is heavily influenced by the teachings of BKS Iyengar, who is considered "the founder of modern yoga." These classes focus on improving postural alignment while practicing a variety of specific poses. It's a great way to counteract "computer hunch," bow-leggedness, flat arches and many other unhealthy postural habits created by our normal daily activities.  Each student is offered individualized attention, so students of all ages and experience levels -- even those with physical limitations -- can gain more st​length, flexibility, and better postural habits.

Yin Yoga is a slow paced practice consisting of seated, prone, and supine poses held for longer periods of time.  This class moves gently from pose to pose and encourages the release of deeply held tensions in the body. 

Meditative Yoga is a hatha yoga practice with an added emphasis on enhancing your moment-by-moment awareness. Classes will explore using specific meditation techniques during and between the postures.

Gentle Yoga makes the benefits of yoga accessible to anyone who can get down and up from the floor under their own power. The class includes standing, seated and lying postures precisely sequenced and aligned to release tension in the muscles that attach to the spine. Experienced yogis as well as students with various physical limitations enjoy the deep relaxation and increased flexibility that result. The class proceeds at a slower, gentler pace than our other "All Levels" classes.

Restorative Yoga (offered 1-2 times per month)This class uses passive poses with the aid of props to encourage relaxation and full release of tensions in the muscles.  All props are provided.  If you have an eye pillow and would like to bring it for deeper relaxation, please do so.  This is a practice designed to leave you feeling nourished and rested and is for everyone.  

Yoga Classes for


Kids' Yoga

Vinyasa- because of the flowing movement between poses, some yoga experience is preferred so that the student can move from pose to pose with safe physical alignment.  

Continuing Iyengar Students should speak with Michael or contact the studio to determine if you're ready for Intermediate Yoga.

T’ai Chi Ch’uan is an ancient Chinese slow motion exercise for health, self-defense, mental accomplishment and spiritual development.  The sequence of postures follows the body’s own natural movement patterns.  A “round” of the Yang Style Long Form exercises every muscle group in the body for both strength and flexibility.  It provides the benefits of calisthenics, but in a pleasant and relaxed way.  Calm deep breathing increases oxygen intake, producing aerobic benefits without unduly stressful workouts, resulting in an energized, well-functioning body which is the basis for good health.  Performing the solo form along with the traditional weapons of T’ai Chi will yield a full body workout.  Each posture also has a practical application for self-defense.  While most martial arts depend upon developing superior strength and speed, T’ai Chi’s mastery relies on learning how to use the whole body as one unit and complete understanding of body movement.  T’ai Chi also uses Taoist meditation techniques to promote the development of the inner self and spirit of vitality.  By learning and practicing the complete set of T’ai-Chi Ch’uan you will enjoy good health, a strong mind, and confidence in your ability for your whole life.

All-levels yoga Classes

Kids' Yoga- Come get bendy with us during this special fun-filled yoga class!This interactive yoga class is a great place for children to meet friends, learn how to relax and strengthen their bodies. Children 'Play' yoga by dancing, singing, and playing games incorporating yoga in everything we do class is full of smiles and laughter. Join us for fantastical yoga adventures, brain and brawn strengthening poses, stress relieving dance parties, a class you wont want to miss!

These classes are for beginning and continuing students.  Modifications are offered to make the class more accessible or more physically challenging- the level of intensity is up to you.  Both students brand new to yoga as well as students decades into their practice can happily participate in an "All Levels" class.