"Precision leads to Freedom and Space-"   BKS Iyengar

Amala and Michael Faheywill be teaching the standing poses of Iyengar on the second Friday of the month.

       We will  be exploring the various isolations that , when, stirred together, create alignment.  Alignment isn't subjective. As we learn alignment in our poses, balance , length, width and slow rhythmic breathing  will be in every pose. This year marked the 100th Birthday of BKS Iyengar. His text Light on Yoga was a big reason for the explosion of  Yoga's popularity  achieved during his life. We hope you will join us in carrying on his work.

On the first Friday  @ 6 p.m.

             Anne and Neil Meisel    will explore meditative techniques, which will include supine, standing, and seated meditations with buddhist,chigung and yogic influences.  There will be an emphasis on the practical application of meditation in your daily life. This 6  p.m. workshop will be structured, but friendly and accessible for both beginning and experienced meditators. A quiet room with teas will also be available.

Trish Massler  will be leading us in chanting. Chanting uses the tranformational power of sound  to activate the healing potential within us.  Use the link  below and you will get a sense of Trish's   unique, humorous and  warm way of guiding us in this ancient  and powerful tradition. You will feel the effects of chanting mentally, physically and emotionally. It is elating. The link (below) will give you a tiny taste  of why chanting with Trish on the 3rd Friday@ is going to be a great way to ease out of the work week. 
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Want some peace over the holidays?  Try Leslie's Gentle Yoga class Wednesdays @4 p.m.  Also, Trish will be teaching on New Year's Day at 7:15 p.m.

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We  wish to Announce,  starting in January 2019 , a new  workshop event every Friday @ 6 p.m.  See the offerings below .

the awareness center

Announcing  Fridays @ 6

As we enter the New Year, the Awareness Center  is introducing  a new opportunity for you to experience some of the diversity our staff has to offer. Every Friday@ 6  we will  present a different  limb of the Yoga Tree for you  to hang out on. These classes  will be offered  on a donation basis. The first three  weeks donations will go to covering our operating expenses. The fourth week's donations will go to a local charity or shelter. This class will be taught on a rotating basis  from within our staff. Each week's  rotating leader will be announced on the website.